A small selection of my most current work.  For more information, email me at lynnette.y.franklin@gmail.com or use the Contact form linked all the way at the bottom of the page.  

UFO Kitty, watercolor & ink painting, 2016.

All Over Cats Fabric Print, 2016.

Alien Cat, watercolor & ink painting inspired by the Alien movies, 2016.

Cat Head Tote Bag, 2016 and forever! This is my oldest and most popular cat item. I started making these in 2014.

One of my best models!

My submission for the 1001 Knights Anthology. Original watercolor painting, 2015.

Motoki Vanilla Kitty Cone Enamel Pin, 2017.

Cat-a-Log Vol 2, coloring book zine, 2017.

Go Away Kitty Embroidered Patch, 2016.

Sleeping Kitties Notecard Set, 2017.

Happy Fruits Pouches, 2016.

Gem Fanny Pack, 2016.

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